30 Day Book Meme – Day 20


warm cookies

Day 20 – Favorite romance novel

I’m not a reader of romance novels. In fact, romance genre to me conjures up memories of when a friend dumped hundreds of Harlequin’s on me. She had every Harlequin published to that date. I didn’t know how to say no thanks without offending her, so I filled the trunk, and back seat, of my car with all these paper sacks filled to the brim with steamy paperbacks, and took them home. She had kindly put them in order and left me a note on what to read first. So I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat and read. Only took a few hours and I was through the first book. Grabbed another and read it in a few hours. The next day I grabbed a third book and started to read and thought, “Hey, read this already.” Then I started digging into…

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